The Society is one of the Borough’s oldest sports clubs, the first record we could find was in a local directory for 1888, we have taken this date as our starting point. We are probably a little older, we believe we were a founder member of CALPAC (Central Association of London & Provincial Angling Clubs) when they began in 1879. It is of great significance to the Society and its members to have such a heritage. For many years, at least from the Great War the Society enjoyed fishing on the River Mole at Garsons Farm, West End, Esher and only stopped fishing there when the river changed dramatically after the flood relief works were completed further downstream. At that time the Society was offered a large puddle on the Wayneflete estate also in Esher. This was taken on as a long-term project by the Society. We had the lake de-silted and about two years later it became fishable. After about 18 years and a good stocking policy the fishery had evolved into a fine mixed fishery enjoyed by over 200 members. Sadly, all good things come to an end. The estate was sold in 2004 to a couple whose house actually backs onto the property. We were given a year’s extension to the then existing licence which expired at the end of March 2005, it was not be renewed.

The Society now has other established fisheries on the Rivers Mole in Cobham and River Wey in Weybridge.

In 2006 we started fishing on two lakes over at Newdigate, near Dorking, the owner was keen for a club to take them on and develop the fishing and the two lakes within the natural environment of the woodlands in which they are located. It was a young fishery of about 20 years and offers mostly carp up to low doubles, but it is our intention to introduce other species, Tench, Roach and Rudd have been introduced in small numbers so far.

We also have both lakes within the Hillswood Business Park, close by to St. Peter’s Hospital at Chertsey. In the few days that our members have had to fish it carp between 3 and 11lbs have already been banked. Roach to a pound in bags of 40 fish were also reported. Early days yet but has great potential, to our knowledge it hasn’t been club fished for nearly 15 years.

In the past we also fished National Angling Championships, and even had a National Champion, we may enter again one day. In the halcyon days of 1000 peg matches we also won the Thames Championships, CALPAC’s Central & Putney cups on the Arun.

The club is in fine hands, a keen and active committee are looking to secure the Society’s existence for the next 100 years.